Thursday, October 30, 2014


Deep in a forest, a young lady named Maura walks among the silence of the trees.
She waits patiently for her lover to return. 
He left her there many years back among the dry crumbly earth.
For you see, he cried as he tightened the chain around her neck while whispering how very sorry he was about the circumstances.
As he placed her almost limp body into the ground, he whispered sweet nothings and the promise of  everlasting love. Maura, so sweet and innocent, was blinded by love and accepted his word as his bond.
 As the dirt filled her lungs , Maura could only feel the pledge of their eternal love. With her last breaths, she proclaimed her undying affections. 
Maura spends her days roaming the woodlands waiting patiently for the man of her dreams to return to her.
If you should happen to run into her, I would suggest not bursting her bubble- the situation could get ugly. After all, she is the walking dead!!!
Happy Halloween
Photos by the talented Heidi B.  


Unknown said...

nice treat on this hollow eve. Forget the candy bowl a story and beautiful pictures is all I need. thank you

Melissa said...

What a wonderfully creepy story - love it. Maura is such a lovely eerie soul!
Poor thing!!