Friday, January 25, 2013

Tiramisu Cupcakes

Recently, my daughter asked me to make tiramisu. The thing about tiramisu is that once it is made you pretty much have to eat the entire tray within a day or else you will have a gloppy mess. On a positive note, consuming the entire tray is not hard to do because once you taste tiramisu, you want more. The negative side to eating the entire tray is that you will have to lay on your bed to zipper up your jeans. Oh come on, admit it.We all have had to do that at some point in our lives. Ugh!! Well, I have found an easy fix to this. I made tiramisu cupcakes!! Each cake is a single size serving of the delicious traditional Italian dessert immersed with coffee and topped off with a marscopone frosting. You certainly can eat more than one if you want tighter clothes, or you can spread the love by sharing with family and friends. Enjoy!