Friday, June 8, 2012


Recently, I went strawberry picking on a beautiful, sunny morning.

The next morning, I baked some scrumptious strawberry muffins. 

If you want to make some too, you can find the recipe at A Recipe A Day

I chopped up a bunch of berries. You want to know why?

 I made a batch of jam!

Strawberry Jam with a hint of vanilla

Delightfully delicious! 

Jonas was curious about this jam. 

He took a closer look but since it wasn't tuna flavored, he didn't try it.

Of course, many berries were eaten in their natural state of juiciness. 

And some of the berries were used to make strawberry wine coolers .
I am looking forward to another sunny morning to pick  more strawberries just so I can make this lovely drink again.

Photos by the talented Heidi Blanchard