Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grateful: Day Four

I wasn’t able to go on vacation this year. In fact, I really didn’t have much time to take even a day off because of all the issues life threw at me. There were many days I just wanted to go away and forget about everything. While I physically didn’t get away, I will say there were chunks of time I was able to escape mentally. I was able to do this through reading. I didn’t read just any books. I would grab my favorite books by my favorite author. Today I would like to express my gratefulness to Diana Gabaldon.

Diana is the author of the “Outlander” series.  The story is set mostly in the late 1700s. The main characters are Claire and Jamie.  I won’t really get into what the story is all about because there are so many stories within stories that I would be typing all night. I will say that basically it’s a story that is about life and love and everything in between. I will add that Jamie is Scottish and sometime wears a kilt (grin).  I love these books. I have a love of early American history, especially the mid and late 1700s, so when I read, I am transported to that time. I feel as if I am reunited with old friends. I become so immersed that I forget all about the present and whatever crisis is happening.  Diana Gabaldon is a true wordsmith and her storytelling has given me much peace and happiness throughout this trying year.  For this I am extremely grateful!

Photo by: Heidi Blanchard

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Anonymous said...

There have been great story tellers for centuries. From caveman to the ever present "tablets' that we have; people have yearned for words of laughter, love, wisdom, imagination and educational writings. Shakespere, Orthello,Maya,Simmons,Franklin, "Cookbooks", journals, etc... All words of meaning and thoughts. I am grateful for all things in print. Thankful for my eyes and ears to listen to what one has written.