Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkinly Pleased!

I am going to gloat a bit and say that I am very pleased with my latest baking endeavor. I love jelly rolls but the idea of making one from scratch intimidated me. When I saw Paula Deen's Pumpkin Roll in the latest issue of Food Network magazine, my mouth began to water. I decided that I would overcome my fear of "the roll" and go for it. I am sure glad I did! Paula's Pumpkin Roll is delicious! The cake itself is spongy and light. I enjoyed the cream filling with hint of rum and toffee pieces that provided just enough sweetness. I tried the cake with the caramel sauce and extra toffee pieces but I found the garnishes a little too sweet for my liking.

The only negative thing I can say about this dessert is the roll became heavier and wet when it sat overnight but it still tasted fine. You should probably make and serve it on the same day.  I am so happy that I conquered my fear and embraced "the roll". I can't wait to make another!



Unknown said...

Ooh, Kathi that looks so good, i'll be right over, lol! Yum! Hugs Marilou

Barbara Marie said...

Yummy... I'm coming with Marilou... no need to let it sit overnight and get heavy. ;-)

Judy Johnson of BCD ---- said...

It looks delicious! And your photographs are great!