Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jedidiah and Jasper

Advisory: Read this story in your best Southern accent!!

Meet Jedidiah and Jasper, moonshiners from the backwoods of Kentucky. These days, Jed and Jasper are enjoying one another’s company somewhere down river. Wasn’t always like that though. You see, Jedidiah has been wandering in my head for months aching to come out into my world. Took me some time to arrange the visit.  As the travelling began, it came to my knowledge that another moonshiner was roaming through the caverns of my brain, reaching out to me...well, at least I thought to me. When these two good ol’ boys finally arrived, a feud broke out as soon as they eyed each other.  Imagine my surprise when Jasper exclaimed he was Jedidiah’s estranged brother!

According to Jasper, “I let a teeny weenie bit of mash burn when we was making our likker. Jedidiah was mad as a hornet about the whole situation. Well, we then went our separate ways, living life, loving, and making our own likkers. We ain't heard nor tell of each other in twenty yars.”  

Jed about blew his top off when he heard ol’ Jasper’s story. “What in tarnation are you going on about Jasper? Burnt a teeny weenie bit of mash??? You fool! You burnt down the entire still!”

Then Jasper turned to Jed and said, “Well that’s why I’m here brother. I’ve been thinkin’ about that. I’ve been all tored up that the still burnt down but I started thinkin’ that at least the law didn’t see the smoke.  We woulda been in a heap of trouble if the law was involved.”

I watched as Jedidiah's eyes crinkled up with a hint of laughter. "I'll be durned! All these years, I guess I was making a mountain out of a mole hill." At that point, the two turned to me, tipped their hats, and said, "Thank you ma'am for your hospitality. We better be gitten along."

I haven't heard nor tell from them since. Y'all take care now.

A note: Knob Creek is in no way affiliated to these dolls or to the story. I just happened to like the shape of the bottles. I also think the bourbon that was in the bottles was the most delicious I have ever tasted.


Gretel said...

LOL, well, I tried, but I do have a very English accent - I'm sure they went off to start up another still together - I'm glad they've made up their disagreement anyway. :)

Judy Johnson of BCD ---- said...

Kathi: You are too much! Love the story. They turned out awesome! ~Judy =^..^=

Barbara Marie said...

You continue to amaze me with your "hootism" and your creativity! Looks like you had a lot of fun during the "creative" process.

Kathi said...

Gretel, I would love to hear you read it :). I am glad I was able to assist in mending their relationship.

Barbara and Judy, I guess I am slowly letting the cat out of the bag about my craziness! :)

Dina said...

awesome story!! Hugs! Dina