Monday, September 5, 2011

Lazy Day

Take a look at Jonas. He had a lazy day.

I wanted to have a lazy day but I don't know how to do that. So instead I spent my day doing household chores. Then I decided to bake. I found a recipe for Chocolate Drizzled Macadamia Bars.

I rounded up some ingredients from my kitchen.

I mixed them all up.

Wow! Magically, here is the finished product!

Oh man, these bars are yummy! They have a nice buttery crust with a gooey, chewy middle and a delectable sweet, salty, crunchy topping. The drizzled chocolate makes these bars more scrumptious! I am glad I wasn't lazy today. These treats were definitely worth my time and effort.


Dina said...

They look yummy! I have been so bad with my blog latley, I feel like I have no time to get to it:(

Theresa said...

Mmmmmmmmm! I need to make me some of these!

Judy Johnson of BCD ---- said...

Kathi: Mmmm those look delicious! (If you ever decide to move, will you please come to Virginia Beach?) :)

Kathi said...

Judy, I do like Virginia so you never know...