Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come On Irene

I have spent the last two days prepping for Irene. I hope I am ready. Actually, I hope that all this preparation was for nothing!

I've cleared everything off of my deck.
It looks so sad without all of my geraniums!

I have ice ball balloons in my freezer. A tip from my brother who has been through a few hurricanes.
Very bizarre!

The kitties have a food supply.

I can only hope this is enough water.

Jonas and Momma are looking as cute as ever!
Let's hope the storm doesn't scare them!

 I packed up my Queen Anne kit-just in case I have to grab it quickly.

Of course, I baked! Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies to keep everyone happy.

Last and most important- a cooler full of beer!

Stay safe everyone!
See you after the storm!

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