Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Remember how I said that my Queen Anne doll had to wait another day to be created? Well, I think she may have to wait a little longer than that. You see, I recently became a little sidetracked. I enrolled in another class at Artful Gathering, an online art community. The class is considered a "Summer Retreat" and has time limitations so I felt I needed to complete it before I even start my Queen Anne class. So what is this class you ask?

I am learning how to sculpt using Creative Paperclay. I have wanted to learn the correct way to use this medium for years. I have found a few tutorials on the Internet but none that made me feel totally secure about mastering the technique. All that has changed! This online class is being taught by Christy Meyers, the talent behind CCs Whimsies. I am learning so much and having a blast sculpting!

Here is my first attempt:

After I completed this, I felt pretty happy with the results. Of course, I knew that there was room for improvement. So I sculpted another head.

Here is my second attempt:

I felt this head was much better than the first. The lips are much more defined and the eyes are a little smoother. I will admit that the eyebrows look like they belong on E.T. ! Of course, as said before, there is still room for improvement.

Here are the two side by side:

I must tell  you that I have never had so much fun creating as I am having with this form of sculpting. I can't wait to do more!!


Dina said...

This is really good kathi,very talented.

Kathi said...

♥ Thank you Dina! I hope to keep improving throughout the class.