Saturday, July 2, 2011


I've wanted to start blogging since the beginning of this year and have just now decided to take the plunge. I made my first batch of chocolate chip cookies when my husband was in basic training in the mid 80s. He was  my boyfriend back then but he quickly asked me to marry him when those cookies arrived at mail call. We were married the following year and I have been baking joyfully ever since. My family calls me "Betty Crocker" and everyone tells me I should own a bakery. Some day I just might.
While baking brings me and others pleasure, it is not the only passion I have. I discovered cloth dollmaking when my son was born 19 years ago. I began with a simple bunny pattern and found I enjoyed the transformation of a piece of fabric evolving into a three dimensional form that developed into a creature with it's own personality. Over the years, I have made various cloth dolls and creatures. I  have to admit that my dollmaking is not as advanced as my baking. I would like to change that. Last year, I came across a wooden Queen Anne doll. I knew right at that moment that this was the doll I had been waiting for. I am currently learning how to make one of these dolls so I'm sure that many of my posts will touch more upon this subject along with lots of yummy posts and pictures of cookies and treats!


Patti said...

Looking forward to following your blog and trying your recipes. We have a lot in common. Baking and dolls. Who knew!


Anonymous said...

When will I be able to purchase your cookies online. I will pay good money for them when i am in Florida.

Dina said...

yeah! welcome to blogging!! Dina

Barbara Marie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your Queen Anne doll, Kathi.